Recirculation - FC-Plus


Long-lasting active carbon filters FC-Plus

The Frecan long-life filter FC-Plus has a lifespan of 3 years. Past this period, the filter can be regenerated up to a maximum of two times, expanding its further use for one more year after each regeneration.
The regeneration must be done by introducing the filter in the oven for 1 hour at a minimum temperature of 250º. This regeneration can also happen in pyrolysis if the oven has this option.

The FC-Plus filter carries up to 2.3 kg of activated mineral carbon in pellet format of 8x4mm.
Inside the filter, the active carbon has a thickness of 20mm, being able to absorb up to 920gr of fats.

The filter can be installed directly on the motor outlet or inline.

Their installation method allows for a reduction in noise of 20%, a considerable reduction equivalent to 6 dB.




Technical design

Carbon Filter FC-Plus

Carbon Filter FC-Plus
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