Frecan Hoods Characteristics


H-Connect connection system

The H-Connect technology  allow you to control all the functions of the compatible Frecan hood from a control located on the panel. In this way you can work more comfortably and safely without using the hood control.

360º Spiral Motor

Frecan's 360º spiral motor drawer is now more efficient than ever.

Made with recycled materials, this drawer has a great mechanical resistance and a high melting point that makes it suitable for working at high temperatures. Due to its aerodynamics, it requires less force to obtain better results providing greater performance with lower energy consumption and maintaining a very low sound level.

External Motors

When calculating the needs for an external motor, several factors must be taken into account; the volume of the kitchen, the type of cooking, the size of the cooking zone, the type of hood, and above all the distance to the outside as well as the type of route.

Likewise, Frecan offers a range of motors that covers all possible needs in kitchens that require more power or simply wish to reduce the perception of noise inside the home.

German engineering with 7 years warranty - Total trust

Inside our silent hoods beat the ST8 motor developed by EBM-papst, the largest and most important German engine manufacturer.
With the ST8 motor of EBM-papst we provide the necessary air movement, with a perfect noise behavior, even at high levels of performance. It lowers up to 17% (4.8dB) the noise compared to our standard motors.

Frecan Fonotech - Excellent acoustic absorption

Several models of the Frecan Silence range incorporate 9mm anti-vibration panels in their motor boxes that isolate noise and vibrations.

Acoustic insulation through a cohesive sheet of polyurethane particles with different properties that has been accurately treated with a special acoustic additive to reduce the noise.

It reduces noise levels up to 4% (1dB) on hoods like HIT or 360 Ceiling Hoods and up to 6,5% (1.8dB) on the FINE hood.

Frecan AirSoft - Silencer ducts

The Frecan Silence range models have Airsoft silencer ducts.

Airsoft 1: Wall mounted and Island hoods include flexible ducting of 60cm (45cm in the case of Quasar-S8 and Fine-S8) made of thermoplastic material, reinforced with steel spirals, insulated with mineral wool of 25 mm thickness and protected by an external layer of aluminium. Reduces up to 11% (3dB) the noise perception from the hood

Airsoft 2: The Ceiling hoods include a 25mm. thick rigid panel of mineral wool, with an external layer of aluminium and an internal coating of deadening material. Reduces up to 15% (4dB) the noise perception from the hood.

Minimum technical ceiling height.

This distinctive details the minimum technical ceiling height required to install the hood.

Easy Fix installation

Many of our ceiling hoods models have mounting clips, so they can be installed easily, quickly and effortlessly.
Just connect the motor to the ducting, raise the hood by pushing it until you hear a few “clicks” which confirm the hood is suspended, then tighten the tensioning screws to firmly fix and flush-mount the hood to the suspended ceiling.

Steerable “;Plug & Play System”; fan for ceiling hoods

 4-way adjustable fan

FRECAN “Plug & Play” steerable motor simplifies installation and enables multiple ducting possibilities.

- Plug&Play R700 (4 directions)

360º rotary motor

The 360° rotary motor allows the extraction ducts to be installed in any direction, permitting ease of installation even in wall kitchens, where the ceiling hood is installed closer to the wall.
This rotary system puts an end to problems and obstacles that are often present in suspended ceilings.

Remote control

Many models (especially ceiling models) are equipped with remote control. The remote control included in all ceiling models works through a batteries.

Grease filters

Filters Acier Inox standards: INOX. Composés de 5 couches en aluminium plus une carcasse décorative
en INOX: un total de 6 couches filtrantes (5 aluminium + 1 en INOX) conçues pour capturer plus de graisse
sans troubler la capacité d’aspiration de la hotte.
High Class stainless steel filters: The High Class stainless steel filters are formed by 7 aluminium filter layers plus a front and rear decorative stainless steel casing (7+2). Frecan has designed this filter to retain a greater amount of grease without reducing the extraction capacity of the hood’.

Color lacquered Aluminium filters: Filters lacquered in white or black provide great elegance to all hood models in these colors. In addition, the lacquer is of great hardness and allows for its washing in the washing machine.

Easy cleaning panel

The easy clean is a stainless steel panel installed between the hood filters and the hood motor. This panel is defined to provide easy cleaning surface and also serves as a security border to keep the user away from the hood motor and electric parts. This is detachable for when a deeper cleaning of the hood interior is required.

AISI 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1 mm.

All Frecan hoods are built with the highest quality both in terms of process and materials, using 304 stainless steel to ensure the durability of our products. The most demanding modes in our catalogue are made of stainless steel with a thickness of 1 mm instead of the standard 0.8 mm thickness, to provide a more robust and durable product.

Balanced Aspiration (A.C.) System

This type of aspiration, exclusive patent of FRECAN, provides the user with a greater suction power at the ends of the hood, since thanks to its micro-perforated inner plate made of stainless steel we achieve regular absorption on the entire surface of the filters. This type of aspiration is highly effective for hoods of dimension 120 cm and Island hoods.

This System applied in our product range with the indicative A.C. System (Compensation Aspiration), provides us with an easy cleaning due to the fact that the iron placed after the filters forms an impenetrable barrier for grease, which means that the interior part is always clean. Furthermore, the system is designed to make it impossible to access the mechanical and electrical parts of the hood, thus guaranteeing the user’s safety when cleaning.

Perimetral aspiration.

For those who really believe that design is not incompatible with efficiency.

An alternative to traditional aspiration is based on the Venturi effect.
The system consists of compressing and speeding up the air by creating a depression in the slot perimeter of the aspiration surface of the hood. This effect facilitates the capture and filtering of gases generated by cooking.
The main advantages of perimetral aspiration are; aesthetics, easy cleaning and low noise level.

SDA double aspiration system.

The FRECAN double aspiration system is designed to ensure optimum aspiration for wall inclined hoods.
This system comprises an additional air outlet at the bottom, which prevents the leakage of fumes and makes it possible to work with the hood closed, guaranteeing perfect aspiration.
This feature enhances hood performance while reduces condensation.

Thermometer and timer.

Our semi-professional kitchen hoods are equipped with an electronic control that incorporates a timer and thermometer.

Deferred Stop (Last Time)
By connecting the last time function the hood will keep on running for 10 minutes and will automatically disconnect after recycling or extracting the air of your kitchen.
Saturation filters alarm.
Flashing light that indicates when filters need cleaning in case of cooker hoods with external evacuation, and the replacement of charcoal filters in case of recirculation hoods.