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Energy efficiency

Frecan takes care of the planet
Providing the best energy efficiency and protecting the environment. We are strongly committed to energy efficiency, innovation and next-generation technologies. Our luxury hoods have lighting and low-voltage motors, the most silent motors, the most efficient electronics and great extraction power.

Energy labels allow consumers to know the energy efficiency of a household appliance. 90% of Frecan's hoods are “Class A” or “Class A+”

From design to production

Innovation and detail come together to create an exquisite, unique range of kitchen extractor hoods, where silence, functionality and quality are converted into our insignia.
We provide customised work, taking care of each detail, from design to the final production process.

Each of our hoods has its own character and they all have one thing in common: silence. We produce silent hoods to create a comfortable home.

Our Essence

Frecan is synonymous with craftsmanship, technology and modernity.

Quality, design and taking care of each detail are our signs of identity.
Products created and designed to live in the kitchen.

Silent extractor hoods that make your kitchen the perfect place for gatherings, with unique designs that convert it into an avant-garde space so that they gradually become your ally in creating unique and incomparable reunions. We seek perfection in our designs, excellence in their performance and comfort as the focal point of each product.

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