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Frecan efficient and sustainableFrecan efficient and sustainable

Save energy within your Kitchen

Both efficiency and Sustainability are basic and fundamental aspects in all our projects.


For this reason, we always recommend purchasing appliances with the A+++ efficiency label and installing LED bulbs. Bet on induction cookers and install efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems that allow energy savings at your home.


In our catalog you will find a number of possibilities to create a more efficient and sustainable home.

Frecan committed to the environmentFrecan committed to the environment

Walking towards a more sustainable future

Our love for nature leads us to a daily commitment.


We incorporate the most efficient technology to reduce the consumption of our products: We offer a high-quality product to ensure a long useful life and being committed firmly for recirculation systems with the single aim that, not only us, but to support our customers to reduce emissions, as well. Because taking care of our planet is everyone's business.



Purified Kitchens

The Air, where you start to take care of yourself


The air can accumulate countless particles that are harmful, for this reason Frecan's air purification systems are the perfect ally. In addition to being a sustainable solution, eliminates 98% of odors, allergens and pollutants, ¡Delve deeper into and discover the most effective and innovative recirculation alternative on the market!

Custom Made Manufacturing | FrecanCustom Made Manufacturing | Frecan

Custom Made Manufacturing

Shaping your ideas


Thanks to our experience we can shape your ideas by cutting, folding, welding, polishing, and assembling. Processes requiring great experience and dedication since each element we produce is a work of exclusive craftsmanship for a unique client. ¡Bring your project to life! Imagine and tell us what you want to build, and our designers will make it happen.

The essence of FrecanThe essence of Frecan

Our essence

Frecan is conceived as a life project in which its core strengths are clear: the proximity, the experience, the commitment and the creativity that makes us flexible and capable to adaptation to different circumstances. This allows us to apply our clients suggestions with agility and efficiency, and for this reason our products guarantee an exclusive finish and care.

The factory | FrecanThe factory | Frecan

The factory

From more than 25 years, we have been working for you. We have invested strongly on innovation, constantly improving our facilities. Because not only our products must be more efficient every day, but the tools with whom we perform the manufacturing process.