Ceiling hoods - Paradigma Original

Paradigma Original

Paradigma Original ceiling-mount range hood

The Frecan Paradigma ceiling-mount hood is the first modular extraction system designed to go unnoticed in the kitchen ceiling with its aesthetic similar to a ceiling light.

Paradigma creates an atmosphere of light in the kitchen with both extraction and lighting spots with the same design and appearance.

There are three types of Paradigma in two finishes (white and stainless steel):

- Extraction control module.

- Subordinated extraction module.

- Lighting module.

The control module can handle up to 4 extraction points (1 control + 3 subordinates).


The lighting modules function as standard lamps and can be controlled by independent switches.

For optimum extraction it is recommended to install 4 extraction modules.

NOTE: Frecan recommends the use of washable paint for the kitchen ceiling.



• Minimum height for technical ceiling 220 mm.• Deferred stop (Last time).*• LED Lighting Panel (11W - 4000K).• Remote control included. (Control module).

Technical information



Technical design

Extraction modules - Air Outlet Ø 120

Extraction modules - Air Outlet Ø 120
Built-in dimensions 340 x 340 mm.

Lighting module 340 x 340 mm.

Lighting module - Technical ceiling fastening system.
Built-in dimensions 340 x 340 mm.

Optional items


Extra information

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Multinozzle - 90107
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